30 Year Evolution of Duck Face

So every once in awhile I get into an old show and I watch a ton of episodes in a row. I don’t tend to do this with new shows. Just ones that are twenty or more years old, as though somehow they will cease to exist if I don’t watch all two hundred episodes RIGHT NOW! So lately, I’ve been into the show, which premiered in 1983. Some of you may remember “Scarecrow and Mrs. King.” Some of you weren’t even born in 1983.

The show follows the escapades of a superspy “The Scarecrow” and a divorced housewife, Mrs. King who isn’t a Mrs. at all and it bugs the crap out of me every time they say it. However, none of that is the point of this blog. Because, if you ask my family they will tell you, getting to the point is not my forte.

There really is a point though, I promise. In this case it’s about our standards of beauty and the way we present ourselves in these current times. As I watching about the tenth episode in a row it occurred to me that Kate Jackson looked strange to me. I mean, aside from the terrible clothes, feathered hair and continual use of unnecessary and excessive ‘Karate Kid’ style headbands. Kate Jackson, for those who don’t know, is beautiful. She was one of the original Charlie’s Angels and was considered quite the looker back in ’83. But for some reason she looked weird.

Eventually, I realized that it was her mouth. It wasn’t the kind of mouth I was used to seeing on the Hollywood beauty of our day. There’s nothing inherently wrong with Kate Jackson’s mouth. It’s a fine mouth on a regular person. It’s a fine mouth on anyone, really. But when I watch a movie or television, what I am now used to seeing is a woman who looks like her glossy lips are about to explode off her face and take independent flight, like a creepy collagen enhanced fleshy butterfly.

I’m not a soapbox type of person normally, so I hope you will bear with me here. After it occurred to me that were Kate Jackson a current Hollywood babe she would have had some work done years ago so she could have the same ‘I need a collagen intervention and a short trip to plastic surgery rehab’ look that everyone else does, I started watching all the characters in “Scarecrow and Mrs. King.”

So many people in that cast have crooked teeth, thin lips, bad hair (although that one may be just environmental), are too thin or too heavy, or are just all around not particularly attractive by today’s standards. So I’m really, sincerely wondering where in the 30 years between Scarecrow and 2013 we decided that we have to change everything about ourselves in order to be beautiful.

I’m not saying people shouldn’t. I guess it’s none of my business. But I’m just curious. Where did we change and decide that false beauty is better than real beauty? Will we change back in twenty years?

Something to think about…



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